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Welcome to Heavenly Earth Art, where we express and share from the Heart.

Kylee Joy Dempsey is inspired to create artworks that empower her alignment with the unconditional love, wise guidance and pure joy of her Inner Being.

"My Intention is to feel good in every moment and a huge part of that for me is done by focusing on the Wellbeing that we are so naturally surrounded by. CREATING, MEDITATING AND APPRECIATING  is my way of being able to share this. I know we are all one, and I love to contribute to the co'creation of the Oneness of being here on earth, by focusing and creating  Sacred and Beautiful creations that flow from the COSMIC HEART OF ALL CREATION the ONE LOVE the ONENESS of ALL"

 Her life has been undeniably touched by Spirit- the Heavenly dimension that have  touched All  and to which she refers to as Source. She is passionate about allowing the creation of a Heavenly life experience based on feeling the divine Love and abundance of energy flowing from her state of just purely Being. All her artworks serve to empower this joyful process of the journey her on earth.

This intention has served as inspiration for the various subjects of her creative focus. Her depictions of Native American portraits, mandalas and jewellery stems from a lifelong affinity with their culture. Some would say this affinity stems from many past lives as a Native American. She discovered the colour and metaphor of the Hindu and Buddist traditions when she delved into yoga and meditation. She greatly enjoyed painting Buddhas (the Enlightened One), Green Tara's (Goddess of Wisdom), and other deities that are aligned with the very intention of yoga- to achieve union, or oneness, with the wholeness that encompasses All That We Are. The amazingly realistic beauty of her floral range is resonant with the Divine Feminine essence of roses and lotuses, and the shamanic qualitites of the Celius cactus flower, or Night Queen. This flower is said to serve as a bridge between Heaven and Earth.


White Buffalo Calf Woman

White Buffalo Calf Woman Mandala Detail

Dolphin art painting image

"In Joy" oil on canvas 90cm by 180cm

Turtle Mandal Dreaming, turtle dreamcatcher

"Turtle Dreaming"

Australian Made Designer Gift Range

butterfly suncatchers All our beautiful butterfly and dragonfly suncatchers are proudly Australian hand made by us. Inspired by the sublime beauty in Nature and the Spirit that flows through All, Kylee's natural and abundant artistic creativity has produced an amazingly diverse, unique and enduring range for you to choose from. 

Suncatchers are said to have excellent feng shui qualities, promoting a nice flow of positive energy wherever they are displayed. Our suncatchers have been developed over 4 years to a high level of beauty and durability. They will last for many years, indoors or outdoors! Perfect as a unique bedroom or kitchen decor idea, or to enhance the beauty and tranquility of an outdoor living area.

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Introducing Our First Publication

Kylee and Thias have co-created an incredibly beautiful and heartfelt coffee table art book. Tiltled "Heavenly Earth Art", their book is a wonderful collection of Kylee's original works spanning twenty years of her inspired creativity. Accompanying every exquisite image is affirmative prose by Thias. The following quote is excerted from the back cover:

"This unique book is more than a showcase of an incredible artistic talent. It is intended to serve your personal evolution into an ever-more expansive and empowered states of being. As you contemplate Kylee's beautiful paintings and the accompanying prose by Thias, your awareness will open to the clarity, upliftment and pure joy of your Eternal Soul. This alignment then allows the infinite energy of your vibrational reality to flow to you and through you like sunlight through a window, setting you free to live a life of love, joy and abundance."

heavenly earth art book

Sacred Jewellry Samples:

Sacred Jewellry native American Tibetan Silver

Silver white rose, Sacred Jewellry

White Buffalo calf women, sacred jewellry white leather turquoise

tibetan Silver Sacred Jewellry


Thanks again for visiting us, may you enjoy having a look through what we have to offer. If you're here seeking a gift for someone special in your life, we hope you find something perfect for them.

With Love and Appreciation,
Kylee, Thias and Ishtar